Stacks Espresso Bar offers everything you need to make great coffee. Whether you’re setting up a commercial coffee bar, or want to make amazing coffee in your own home, we have you covered, from start to finish.

Commercial Accounts
Are you starting your own coffee shop, or launching a coffee program at your restaurant? Let us help you from the ground up. Stacks offers everything you need to get your coffee program off the ground, from equipment distribution to workflow efficiency consulting, from coffee bean wholesales to the expert training to brew them right.

Home Coffee and Espresso
Do you have a home espresso machine? Or are you ready to take the plunge to bring great espresso into your home kitchen? Purchasing your home espresso machine from Stacks Espresso Bar comes with two hours of free training! We want to make sure you truly know what you’re doing, and are able to pull great shots with understanding and consistency.