Stacks Espresso Bar


We're a cafe and community space where great coffee and good company can always be found.

Beyond that, we're a workshop dedicated to exploring the elements that makes coffee one the most widely consumed crops in the world. In highlighting various brew methods, experimenting with espresso based drinks, and continuously bringing in unique and delicious coffees from diverse roasters, we're proud to offer you exceptional, accessible, specialty coffee. 

And a great space to enjoy it.


We're a multi-roaster, meaning we regularly feature coffee from other roasters. 


Ask for  our guest roast!

Turning out a rotation of freshly picked, complex, and delicious coffees is our obsession, and our passion is sharing it with you.


Experience a variety of thoughtfully curated coffees in their most delicious form. We start with freshly ground beans and introduce a measured combination of water and technique—leaving you with a perfect, individually brewed cup of coffee. We are more than happy to talk you through the process, set you up, and make suggestions for home brewing.

Honestly, we'd love to.


We offer classes and tastings, host latte art competitions which feature some of best local talent from shops across the capital region, and encourage those seeking to enter the world of specialty coffee—or those just digging deep for fun—to stop in, ask questions, and explore with us!


We're more than a pair of coffee shops, we sell our products (beans, equipment, cold brew, etc.) wholesale, and are available for coffee catering events: from small office parties to large weddings.

We host events too!

See our services page for more information, or contact us by phone:

(833) 782 - 2571


We value our customers above all else, from every-day regulars to first timers, and take great pride in serving our community to the best of our ability. We always appreciate customer feedback. Contact us any time with questions, comments, or concerns at (or reach us on Facebook) and you'll hear back from a real, live, friendly person, ASAP.