DRIP COFFEE – Coffee brewed in a pot like at home, but better.

COLD BREWED ICED COFFEE– Coffee steeped in cold water for 14 hours to make a coffee concentrate, diluted with water and poured over ice. rich, highly caffeinated,

POUR OVER – Hand brewed by the cup using Kalita Wave Brewer, with a choice of 3 single-origin coffees from our guest roaster (changes monthly). Brings out amazing nuance and new flavor profiles.

Also available iced to accentuate flavor clarity and brightness over cold brew.

GUEST ROAST — We're a multi-roast shop. we believe in using our cafes as venues to promote spectacular coffee from across the country and around the world. we feature a rotating drip coffee and espresso from our chosen guest roaster roughly every month, and we encourage curiosity! try the guest roast and ask our knowledgeable staff about anything: beans, brew methods, the big bang theory, LETS TALK!


ESPRESSO – Espresso shot from either our house espresso blend, or our rotating guest roaster.

AMERICANO – Espresso over water. Captures the flavor espresso with the strength of brewed coffee.

8.12.16oz. Avaiable Iced- 12.16 oz.

RED EYE – Espresso over coffee. Serious kick, serious flavor. 8.12.16oz. Iced 16oz.

BLACK EYE – Two shots of espresso over ice. Very serious kick. Very serious flavor. 8.12.16oz.

ESPRESSO FRIZZANTE – Espresso shot over sparkling water with a dash of brown sugar vanilla syrup. 12oz.


LATTE – Shot of espresso and frothed milk. 8, 12, 16 oz. Available Iced- 12.16 oz.

CAPPUCINO – Like a latte but foamier (resulting in richer texture.) 8, 12 oz.

CHAI LATTE – Chai concentrate mixed with milk and frothed. Sweet, rich and delicious. Add a shot of espresso to make it a "dirty chai." 8.12.16oz.

MACCHIATO – Shot of espresso and 1oz frothed milk. 3 oz.

CORTADO – Shot of espresso and 3oz frothed milk in rocks glass. 4 oz.

TEAR DROP – Vanilla and half & half mixed cold, with espresso layered on top.

HOT CHOCOLATE – Frothed milk blended with a decadent single origin cocoa powder. 8.12.16oz.


FRAPPE —  Ice. Milk. Espresso. A blended iced latte with your choice of flavors. 16oz.

SMOOTHIES Strawberry Banana  |  Blueberry Banana  |  Mango  |  Carrot Orange  |  16oz.



We offer a wide variety in certified organic loose leaf teas from Divinitea

HERBALS — Peppermint, Pink Lemonade, Lavender Chamomile

CAFFEINATED — Jasmine Green, English Breakfast, Earl Gray, Mayan Chai, Passionfruit, Yerba Mate


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